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Top 2021 Biotech Trends

In every decade, let alone after a tremendous pandemic or epidemic, the medical sector tries every possible manner to come up with new treatments. During this time, the research and development teams show their rigorous efforts to launch new medicine and technologies that can treat or even cure even the worst diseases.

As they say, history has a tendency to repeat itself and in the year 2020 the only headlines of newspapers read COVID-19 and Novel Coronavirus. The effects of this virus have rapidly evolved the biotechnology industry. COVID-19 has motivated the biotech industry to launch new medical treatments not only for the virus but for a variety of illnesses. Additionally, the government has increased financial support for the promotion of the medical sector. Below are three great developments in the biotech sector have been dominant in this field and ones to keep an eye on.

These are three latest and emerging trends in the sector of biotechnology that will change the healthcare sector in every possible manner. Research scholars and young doctors are now feeling motivated to come up with not only a vaccine that can treat the world and people can get back to their normal schedule but so much more as well.

1. Monoclonal Antibodies and Biosimilars 

These are the antibodies especially grown in the labs. They help in the process to restore, enhance, and imitate an immune system expressly in cancer cells. Their mechanism works in numerous ways like that of recognizing cancer cells and transmitting their radiation to the affected regions. Furthermore, they are changed differently. The modification of them is possible in every manner. In near future, the amalgamation of antibodies and drugs will help in treating diseases, whose medications are expensive. 

Biotech has another pillar named Biosimilars. Their update and modification have solved various problems of medical sciences. This is one of the greatest achievements biotechnology has received to date. Starting from the creation of a biological drug that involves living bodies as a crucial element to delivering the same with a little modification in the composition.

2. Cell and Gene Therapies 

Another booming area in the field of biotechnology are cell and gene therapies. Their significant function is to handle individual human cells and genomes. Fortunately, this helps in the creation of customized and personalized drugs and other necessary medications. The major share of this industry is inclining towards the personalization and customization of these medicines. 

In the year 2017, a drug was named Kymriah was approved by the FDA. This drug was the first-ever gene therapy. Most importantly, this drug was developed to treat acute lymphatic leukemia by using the patient’s white blood cells. Fortunately, in the same year, Yescarta was developed with another gene therapy approved by the FDA. From this point in time, biotechnology has enhanced its pace and resulted in growth.

The current FDA Commissioner expects 10 to 20 gene- and cell-therapy approvals each year till 2025 as biotech continues to fast-track new projects.

3. Vaccine Development 

The scientific community is currently under tremendous pressure for the development of the COVID-19 vaccine. Fortunately, this leads to the public-private partnerships of various government agencies and biopharmaceutical companies for research and development of the new COVID-19 vaccine. 

The development of Moderna has resulted in the vaccine that uses mRNA from the Coronavirus. This vaccine does not include the weaker version of the virus so that to get a strong response. The decades of previous research are the reason for the development of this vaccine and the significance of the cells that can be translated into mRNA that can fight strong diseases. 

Vaccines which has the ingredient of mRNA can be quickly transferred into the last testing stages but in the starting year of 2021 Moderna is on its amazing pace to deliver up to 1 Billion doses of the vaccine. The research and development team can provide valuable information about how to create more effective vaccines in the future for numerous diseases. 


The story of biotechnology has nailed its significant impression in the minds of the young doctors and research scholars. New curriculum focuses on cell and gene therapy, with more topics in the bucket list for students focusing on biosimilars and monoclonal antibodies.

There will continue to be more courses on vaccines as well, with shorter trainings on the subject available based on the rapid advancement in recent years.

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