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BullBear Partners is a Venture Capital Firm with interests in Biotech, Background Screening and Drug Testing, Information Technology, B2B, Medical Device Development, Real Estate Development and Property Management, Undervalued Hard/Soft Assets, and Private to Public Market Transactions.


Brian D. Corday


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Brian Corday is the Chairman and CEO of BullBear Partners, LLC. With 34 years of experience assisting public companies, Mr. Corday has proven his strong entrepreneurial vision establishing a wealth of experience with a successful track record in Venture Capital and The Private Equity markets. Mr. Corday has held executive positions at Top Tier Wall Street firms where he has applied his expertise in the areas of finance and business strategic planning to maximize brand value and build shareholder value through his visions of capital markets, strategic M&A, Capital trading and funding, beneficial alliances and joint ventures.

Upon his graduation from the University of Georgia, Mr. Corday began his capital markets journey working to grow major equity positions for portfolios and funds. Mr. Corday has been quick to spot trends in Pharma biotech, medical device, hard assets and special situations, Mr. Corday has helped build some of the most exciting companies traded on the financial exchanges. Building true honest valued companies to be game changers is one of Mr. Corday’s mantras which has helped expand the value of these publicly traded companies. Mr. Corday has been interviewd and quoted for his industry insight and expertise in multiple forms from business shows, trade filings, government filings, print and financial media operations.

During an era where decisions relied heavily on research, due diligence and a winning instinct, Mr. Corday was truly the algorithm for profit for his clients, generating new opportunities and business deals. As the brokerage industry transitioned into a product sales focused model, Mr. Corday saw an opportunity to again create opportunity and that is where the story of BullBear Partners began in 2004. BullBear became synonomus with success in emerging Biotech, Pharma and Medical Device.

BullBear Partners, LLC strives to “Discover, the Undiscovered” in strong growth markets. Mr. Corday applies his skilled background in Strategic Planning, Business Development, Entrepreneurship, Venture Capital, Private Equity and Strategy to help companies execute their business goals as a publicly traded company.

Mr. Corday has a background and emphasis in the Biotech/Pharma, Medical Devices and Technology fields where he is able to blend the buy side experience, management and business development expertise along with strategic planning and guidance. Being both an entrepreneur and manager himself, Mr. Corday understands that the right deal is about the right money, the right partners and at the right time. That is why BullBear has been a capital market leader.

Outside of his passion for business, Mr. Corday’s hobbies include being involved with his Kids, coaching, international affairs, sports and charities.